Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Experimenting with natural coloring techniques

tempera technique with egg yolk and Lapis Lazuli and Turmeric root

lapis lazuli with gum arabic
home made natural playdough with beetroot, turmeric...

natural dyes with beet root and turmeric and red cabbage and baking soda

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some of the Drawings for my Color~It~Yourself Egyptian Folklore Tarot Deck + Story ❦

I started this project in 2011 and hoping that the whole deck be complete and beautifully published for sale by the end 2017!
It seems that by working on each card, I am drawing in its synchronicity, so glad that there is always magic around to reassure me on my way... Very playfully :) although sometimes, very intense..! :) Like, the Death card for example... I'm very grateful anyway :) There is always magic, there are always dreams waiting to be unraveled... Realities to be created... Life is more than what it seems... Even when it feels like it doesn't make sense anymore...Our magical reality is where my Home is, it's where I can truly celebrate my being and that of my brothers and sisters and feel the Love!

Click here to know more about the project and see more cards drawings!