Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally, and after 5 years of preparation; Mandala Making & Sacred Geometry; Introductory Workshop :))

The lovely flyer design and beautiful mandala are made by my friend Dina Hany.

The presentation and workshop went great, the people who showed were supergreat and everybody enjoyed it :) Special thanks to Leslie Zehr, Dina Hani, and Ali El Sayed for their lovely input :)
If you're interested in the upcoming workshops, and/or you are also studying Sacred Geometry and looking for a study group, please let me know!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mandala with my friend Dina :) ❦

Mandala collaboration turns out beautiful, with my friend Dina Hany :)
Dina painted all the insides of the mandala while I was painting the blue outside layer :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Custom made for Yasmine :)

One night I was walking in the street with a friend and I decided to play Dream Big! which is my favorite game in which everyone shares their wildest dreams! I started talking about making more Little Books of Seeds and selling them to the special people I meet in a way that would touch them and encourage them to dream more.. That night I met a beautiful young woman called Wafaa who was sent to me in time :) She encourages me so much..! I love her :) This little book of dreams is sold to her for her beautiful friend Yasmine as a birthday gift

So I painted a Jasmin for Yasmine :)
I really enjoyed making this one, Wafaa is a beautiful sensitive woman, she gave me a lot of time..
I remember, I woke up early that morning to continue painting the cover, I went out in the balcony and I saw a BIG beautiful iridescent blue bird! It was magical,, how could this bird come here, does it live here? :) What a sight! :) So I painted it.. I hope it means something to Yasmine :) I also had a synchronicity about pomme-grenades so I also painted it, as well as the full moon, cause on her birthday it was nearly full moon. Also my friend Heba posted a picture on my FB wall of the Goddess Ashun which had a piece of honeycomb in it.. It inspired me, Beautiful natural geometry, our world is :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Setting myself free, Rainbow me :)

(back cover)
I was in Alexandria at my friend's place, alone at around midnight, so full of emotions that's when I decided to draw.. Feeling alive.. intense emotions and a yearning for an embrace.. So to complement the mood, life decided to add an extra ingredient :) Sound.. I could hear the neighbor moaning.. She was loud.. it was endless.. it really did complement the painting :)

Ready to go :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mojito walking on the beach,,

Pissou & Houda's dog is a morning and night walker.. He loves walking on the beach at Moon Beach.. He's a great baladi dog, everyone loves Mojito except those who fear him because they don't know him, also because he loves to play and can be too friendly sometimes! :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Women Who Follow Their Dreams "free ebook"

There is a book called "Women Who Follow Their Dreams", it's a compilation -by Keti Sharif- of real life stories of many women from around the world and I'm one of them :) To read it "Click here". The stories are really inspiring and mine is about the Little Book of Seeds of course :)

Here is the story..
It’s been nearly a year since I’ve started working on this project; it’s called “the Little Book of Seeds”; I make notebooks and paint their covers with the intention that whatever is written in them with love will come to life like a seed thrown into fertile grounds to grow to fruition and nurture everyone. I believe that it is important to really see the seed in our minds; to dream... The name comes from “the Seed of Life” a sacred geometry pattern that is the basic component of the “Flower of Life” which is said to contain the blueprint of the universe. It is also an amazingly beautiful reminder of our interconnectedness.
I remember, once, I was on my way to Sinai. I was somehow feeling confused, like I needed to reassure myself and really know where I was standing. Sometimes I feel I’m childish. Working on my project felt like it wasn’t enough compared to the jobs that the people around me were having. But then something happened as soon as I first arrived at the camp. In the main hut, I was about to sit down when I found a notebook right on the cushion where I was going to sit.  I picked it up and to my surprise; the notebook had a sticker of a picture of ‘me’ on it! Later on, I knew that this notebook belonged to a girl who was also making notebooks! She was friends with my friend who shot my picture. This felt like a sign that I was on the right track... It wasn’t however the first or the last sign I’ve had about those little magical books of seeds; On New Year’s Eve, in Sinai also, I’ve asked to be shown a new way of exchange as an alternative for money. The next morning, I was just done with a gift – a book of seeds - that my friend and I were making for the owner of the camp (hag Ezz), when a man with an English accent approached me and asked me if I felt connected to Tibet. I started telling him about my dream in which I’ve met a Tibetan monk who drew me a diagram; showing the Earth shifting and evolving as a being, and how we too as beings can evolve and acknowledge our oneness... The English man then handed me a bag, inside it were the so called ‘Tibetan prayer flags’  and said that he at first wanted to give them to El hag Ezz but then he felt I’d appreciate them more. His gift to me had surprisingly enough, the same colors and the same idea of my gift to the owner of the camp, ‘the book of seeds’.
Thinking about it, I realized that the answer to my NY’s prayer is to give without expectations, “to give for the joy of it” and that the universe will take care of the rest because, in reality, we are all interconnected, we are One.

Zeinab, Giza, Egypt

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sold :)

Oil pastels, painted it on the beach in Ras Sudr :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

❂Hamza و Nayra ☪

Hamza coloring a mandala after coloring his book cover :)
They collected the seashells from the beach for the bookmarks :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My friend Ekram made a beautiful book of seeds :)

Click on the pictures to enlarge :)

Remember your dreams... Remember your dreams... Remember your dreams...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Flower with Sun & Moon earrings

A sacred seed has been planted, NOW is the time for the full flowering of the Heart.
My friend Hend brought me this silver Origami bird that she made as a gift when she came over to make a book of seeds, I loved it :)
Bookmark detail; A blue natural stone, a seashell, and an orange glass :)