Friday, July 4, 2014

Tarot for Social Transformation {Co~Create a deck with us!} ❦

Cards' back cover
{drawing by Jay, and writing by Cara}
Below are some cards from the Tarot deck we're co~creating together with more than 60 people so far..! I am posting these photos here to encourage you to contribute by creating your own card! :)

{To know more about the creators of these beautiful cards and their cards' description please scroll down! :) }

The Story of the Tarot:

A traditional deck consists of 78 cards including 22 major ones describing the Journey of the Hero or Heroine of the tarot.

The Hero is depicted in the first card as "The Fool" who stands for each of us as we set on a new journey in our lives. On our way, we encounter different archetypes, face many challenges, and become aware of a lot of new things which are also depicted by other different cards in the tarot... ~ The story of the Hero is told in a linear manner, however in real life it is not...

At the end of the journey, the Fool reaches the last card which is "The World", by this time he has become whole; reaching a new level of happiness and understanding. The Fool experiences life as full and meaningful. The future is filled with infinite promise. In line with his personal calling, he becomes actively involved in the world. He renders service by sharing his unique gifts and talents and finds that he prospers at whatever he attempts. Because he acts from inner calling, the whole world conspires to see that his efforts are rewarded. His accomplishments are many. This cycle is over, but, the Fool will never stop growing. Soon he will be ready to begin a new journey that will lead him to ever greater levels of understanding...

The story of the Tarot for Social Transformation:

Just like "the Fool" is the Hero of the story of the traditional tarot; "the World" or Society as a whole is the Heroine of our Tarot story... On her way, she encounters many Archetypes, Behaviours, Events, Technologies and memes that are transforming her 'Our World'. 

The idea is to express these and to use them to build a story of Positive Social Transformation. As well as telling this story the cards can be used for Brainstorming, Forecasting, Generating new lines of intellectual inquiry, and mapping change within your community.

Many stories are being told of our future. These Meta Narratives are mostly either of Technological Salvation, Financial Collapse, Ecological Destruction, or outright Armageddon. It is necessary for us to find new stories, stories that are both positive and inclusive if we are to create a world worth inhabiting.

The Tarot offers a good working structure to help create new narratives and explore these in a distributed and non-linear manner. The associated rituals also provide a fun and meaningful framework for telling stories of our future.

Creating a Card

Download and print the template below, or upload into a draw program (although we would rather you engage your hands). 

{Tarot for Social Transformation Card Template}
Please only draw in black and white (for some consistency of aesthetics).
You may create your own Archetypes, Behaviors, Technologies, Memes, or anything else you consider necessary for consideration in the path to a better future.
If you wish to use the existing tarot for a launch point, generate a random card, consider it’s meaning and how it translates to social transformation.

Finally email us your card drawing + a short typed description {preferably a small paragraph} to / 
and we’ll add to the deck, feel free to share online #cards4change

For more information, please visit Jay's blog here!


The Creators of the cards above & their card stories:


Understanding, by Sophia Mühling
"The essence of loving and learning is to understand each other worldwide."

The Hacker, by Jay Cousins

"The hacker can read how the world works, this understanding of how things work gives him power over it. Reality is his to shape, to adapt to his will."

Never Ending Source of Power, by NOTKER

Courage, by Zeinab Kamal

"The lioness is a person who takes a rest every now and then to redefine her passions in life; which gives her the courage to carry on with what she believes in. And so she is naturally able to put a lot of loving energy and strength in whatever she does. When needed to keep her flame going, the Lioness knows how to claim what she deserves in return for her efforts."

The Hieroelophant, by Geert-Jan


Contemplation Offline No Interruptions, by Cara Bell Jones

"Take a moment away from the constant stream of information.. You are complete as you are. All of the answers are within. Just take time to reflect on what you already know…"

Dissolution and New Emergence, by Naho Iguchi

"You are the child of the moon. Your role is to shed a light in the darkness and draw a clear bright line to the emerging world.  In this process, you should be patient and persistent until a gigantic mountain is dissolved and a melting drop touches to the bottom. The drop will eventually generate a water current and become an abound pond. The pond reflects a rainbow."
Sunny Son, by Max

"We grow to THE SUN.. By the warm light.
A son embraces naivety and everything else.
The Sunny Son's solution is a smile."

Heart Magic Portal, by Zeinab Kamal
"Turtle is an ancient symbol for the Earth. She is a keeper of wisdom. Her message is: "I AM.  I move with my own rhythm; which is in harmony with the Heart beat of the Earth. Only when I slow down, I can hear her tune...
I am not concerned about having to be anywhere quickly; I know, that when the music changes, I naturally follow it by stepping into unknown waters, and I swiftly go with the fast currents, while still being at peace, enjoying the ride, listening to the music which tells me to keep going with the flow…"
Turtle tells me to slow down and listen to my heart's deepest desires while still taking my time... To know that when the moment is right and my heart gives its signs, then, all I need to do is to follow it and not to worry about the 'how'. That by going with my inner urge, I am stepping into a portal of magic ~ where everything is possible and miracles happen, naturally…"

Chalice of Trees, by Manuela Bosch

"Creating a safe space for change to happen. Your role is not to act or think. Your role in the world is to hold and leave space at the same time. Connect therefore to the earth, stick your roots deep into the ground, your intuition will shine and guide the way to our collective liberation. May all beings be happy, loving and in peace."

Change, by Manuela

"The change is deeply connected to the place you’re coming from, even when ignore it, or deny it.  The change also doesn't know – can't know – where it will bring you. The change is also a woman, because a new life can be born through her. It has the power of creating life, a female power.'

Places & Events where we have collected some of the Cards:

@Re-Make, DMY Festival, Tempelhof, Berlin

@the Summer Solstice Festival @Klein Hundorf, Germany

 Reading the tarot for the people who contributed their art for the cards for Change :)

@SummerWonderland Party at Gut Möglin