Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Magic Book for Loulou :) ❦

Just finished sewing and wrapping Lulu's gift :) and will hopefully send it over to Egypt tomorrow if post office hours permit :) 

It's a whiteboard notebook that I made in Jay's Betabook prototyping workshop. I found a book cover with her name on it, and I instantly started making it for her ❦ I used the cover to stick a sheet of whiteboard material that Jay and his partners produce and some other simple details ❦ I also remembered Lulu's little book of seeds that her beautiful mom made for her in moonbeach a long time ago :) 

 A new kind of magic! :) They can take it anywhere with them, draw & play together; even make stop motion films together! :) Using only the book and a phone camera! :) (Click here to see a simple example I did with the wonderful crazy kids in El Ayyat)
This was my first whiteboard notebook trial (Click here)
This is Lulu writing in her little book of seeds that Heba ❦ made for her (Click here)

I also looked up the story of this book author and title, and it's a story I wouldn't want to tell here! Hehehe "Fun Stuff"

at @the DIY Betabook Workshop =)
Also, the past few days, we spent them in Belgium @Didi's who is Jay's friend, we made them three mini betabooks using an old book cover, an old emergency UK passport cover & an old notebook cover!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reading the Tarot @SummerWonderland Party at Gut Möglin, a weekend out side of Berlin with Jay the Magician ❦

 I was reading the Tarot for people in return for their card contributions to the Tarot For Social Transformation while Jay was helping me and also doing crazy wonderful magic rituals; dealing his Placebo Drugs! :D

 First, We were offered a caravan where I can read the cards, but then I found this more magical place where the air flew by, it felt right and perfect :) We also found a lot of white stones in the storage room, and Jay helped me moved them to make these three magic circles. I also put some candles (fire), incense (air), a sea shell (water), and a pine cone (earth) in an antique pan that I also found in the magical storage room at Gut Möglin :) The intention was to sit inside the Circles and be present, connected with the power of the moment and the Spirit within ❦ Jay's magic potion {made out of Tabasco sauce & Vanilla} also helped strengthen the intention :D Love him!
It was a beautiful experience; the intention worked; I could feel the moment and the flow... Read the cards for six people; three long readings by day light and three long readings by the candle lights :)

Some of the 16 Cards for Change created that day :)