Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunflower Sister, Dudu :)

And the seed is thrown.. away with its Sister seed.. to be carried by the wind..

Friday, January 13, 2012

laugh, love, live.. it's Maya! ;)

I painted the mandala on the top in a bar/cafe.. while i was sitting with a group of friends.. the barhopping group, where I have met Mostafa, a really nice guy, who was also drawing.. making a notebook for himself.. Here is a link to his picture with his little book :)
The mandala says: laugh, love, live

This side, I made at home :) I wanted to draw a young native gypsy woman. My friend Amr says she looks like his little daughter.. whose name is "Maya" ;) and Maya has very addictive cheeks... I saw her in the pictures.. I wish to see her oneday... and paint with her :)

Brother & Sister

Mountain love ♡  This one reminds me of a friend.. who once told me a story of a volcanic mountain that he felt connected to..

I found a chain of small seashells in my room.. I think I got it from Alexandria.. I used on in the bookmark :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year's eve in Ananda... a duet... ☄

This was a gift for el hag Ezz in Ananda Camp, Nuweba, with my friend Omar painting the right side. I learned to paint with watercolors from him :) While I painted the left side with the 'Seed of Life' SG pattern, that I usually use on my Little Books of Seeds =)
(If interested, google Sacred Geometry... it's a whole new multidimentional world!! Beautiful geometry found in nature... Sacred indeed... )

☆ ☆ ☆ 

NY'e; A Wish Came True :)

We were celebrating the ny'e in Ananda, around the fire and my friend Robert suggested that each one of us throws a stick in the fire and makes a wish. My wish was to find a new way of exchange (an alternative for money). The next morning, this little book of seeds was ready,and I gave it to el hag Ezz. A few moments later, a man came to me and asked me if I feel connected to Tibet.. I told him about my dreams where I've met a Tibetan monk, and another dream where I've been introduced to Agartha.. The man then told me that he had brought a gift with him from Tibet to el hag Ezz but he doubted that he'd be interested in them and felt that I would...! :) To my surprise, the man handed me a bag, in it were the so called "Tibetan prayer flags".. Click here to know more about the Tibetan prayer flags.

The colorfulness of the fabrics and the idea behind it blew me away! The ideas behind both the Little Book of Seeds and the Tibetan Prayer Flags are the same..! They are both a colorful way to pray and dream.. like seeds waiting for the wind to take them away, to send beautiful, powerful energy into the world :) It is amazing how the universe keeps us on the right track.. always :) I've made my new year's wish and I've tasted how 'giving' is in fact 'receiving'. That a gift is always returned :) that there is only One of us in the room.. We are One; when we give, we really give to ourselves.. 

That our heartfelt wishes do come true! I've tasted the fruit of my new year's wish in a beautiful way :) it started with me giving without expecting a return.. giving for the joy of it.. Because I enjoy doing what I do.. This is the new system.. a system that I've dreamt.. not just me,, it is dreamt allover the world.. and it's time is Now! :)