Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another two heart~warming days @the Nile River community school ❦

Story telling and writing on the Nile, under the sun :) ❦

Two heart~ warming days with Didi Ananda Rama @ The Nile River community school, 
at Al Bahraweya Village, 
Al Ayyat. 

  Lots of fun activities; wierd paper cutouts, a beautiful drawing game, wonderful story telling and writing indoors and outdoors under the sun, on the Nile! :) and off course heart-warming morning singing and dancing! :)

All kinds of volunteers are welcome!  
It can be really amazing!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two~days Arts & Crafts @the District, co-working space. On the second day; no children? No problem! :) ❦

Chris and the rest of al Al Hezb Al Comedy team really made us laugh yesterday, I didn't know the workshop was paid, so I made sure Chris had fun doing Art & crafts! He made a crown with a diamond and a seashell that he wore most of the day, as well as a couple of fun tie-dyes & off course a Little Book of Seeds! :)

I also met Yasmine at the District; glowing as usual, she also had her little book of seeds that she made at Arabica the other day! :)
Love you!!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

❦ الطرق الى الله بعدد نفوس الخلائق ❦

"The ways to Love/God-Goddess are as many as the souls of all creatures."
Hussein's gift for his birthday :)
 الطرق الى الله بعدد نفوس الخلائق
Grateful for having him in my life.. 
& So grateful for Dudu..... Love you

* Water pencils colors, paper cut outs & tie dye collage on kitchen paper tissues *

God is the endless ocean; making love to itself..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two much needed days at Arabica, Zamalek :) ❦

I started this magical book of seeds with Yasmine and my beautiful friends, the next day it was painted by new wonderful sister~friend Soha :) 
Two days of friendship, tarot readings, magical reality, ancient stories, sacred geometry and arts & crafts :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sharing a table with Mina @the Icecairo Christmas bazar :) ❦

My friend Mina and I will be sharing a table, like last year, this time it's going to be @ the IceCairo Christmas bazar, Mina will be showing and selling his beautiful little wood carvings and Christmas trinkets, while I'm on my way to figure out what exactly I will be doing that day :) However, I'll make sure to put my space into good, green and sustainable use :D 

* I couldn't 'actually' participate in the bazar, but I am grateful that such places and ideas exist! :) 

Friday, December 6, 2013

In Alexandria with Eman a Workshop inside a workshop! :D

We were in Alexandria for an art & cultural entrepreneurship training; the program was funded so we were staying at the Windsor Palace Hotel! :) And this was our first day together in the room; a potato stamp workshop that Eman had prepared for even before she knew I was her room mate :) The next day, we went togther to get some arts accessories, glue guns, dyes and other materials and she taught me how to make beautiful dream catchers! :) Dear world, I'm grateful :) Thank you :)