Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mandala with my friend Dina :) ❦

Mandala collaboration turns out beautiful, with my friend Dina Hany :)
Dina painted all the insides of the mandala while I was painting the blue outside layer :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Custom made for Yasmine :)

One night I was walking in the street with a friend and I decided to play Dream Big! which is my favorite game in which everyone shares their wildest dreams! I started talking about making more Little Books of Seeds and selling them to the special people I meet in a way that would touch them and encourage them to dream more.. That night I met a beautiful young woman called Wafaa who was sent to me in time :) She encourages me so much..! I love her :) This little book of dreams is sold to her for her beautiful friend Yasmine as a birthday gift

So I painted a Jasmin for Yasmine :)
I really enjoyed making this one, Wafaa is a beautiful sensitive woman, she gave me a lot of time..
I remember, I woke up early that morning to continue painting the cover, I went out in the balcony and I saw a BIG beautiful iridescent blue bird! It was magical,, how could this bird come here, does it live here? :) What a sight! :) So I painted it.. I hope it means something to Yasmine :) I also had a synchronicity about pomme-grenades so I also painted it, as well as the full moon, cause on her birthday it was nearly full moon. Also my friend Heba posted a picture on my FB wall of the Goddess Ashun which had a piece of honeycomb in it.. It inspired me, Beautiful natural geometry, our world is :)