Friday, April 11, 2014

Our story of beautiful Earth :) ❦

Jay wrote this beautiful story and together, we're creating the drawings  :)

The Beautiful Child of the Sun and the Moon


Once there was a star called the Sun
Who didn’t know he was bright.
Until something, reflected his light

The Moon beamed back, with a smile sweet and shy.

They fell in Love and Danced through the sky

The Moon had an Egg she protected from rocks,
while they traveled through space.
The marks of their impacts could be seen on her face.

Now with the Light of the Sun, through time they advanced.
Shining their Love on the egg as they danced. 

Sometimes the Moon would hide so she could not be seen.
Or out from behind with a smile she would beam.

 Sometimes they would kiss. The sky would go black.
 Just a sliver of light, shining out from Her back.

She would come out boldly, lighting up the night.
She caressed the Egg, creating it's Tides.


With the Love of the two; the Light of the Sun, and the Tides of the Moon.
 The Egg became Earth, and slowly she bloomed.

She became aware of herself, through the Senses she grew.
Billions of Eyes to develop her Sight .
Skin, Whiskers, Bristles and Hair, to Feel the warmth of the Light.

Taste through Tongues, Nostrils for Scent.
Hearts to feel love that wonderful sense

All the Senses swayed to a piece of the song.
 That they all danced to as they drifted along.

But with all of these senses, she had to grow brains.
To make sense of the feelings the joy and the pain.

For each thing they felt, they had to ask "why?"
 They created new stories, why they lived and they died.

So the Senses forgot, they were all part of One.
 They stared at the stars, feeling small and alone.

The stories they made, parted them further.
 Driving some to control and murder.

The stories seen by Eyes lasted longer,
 so it came to be that this Sense grew stronger.

Stories read by Eyes were slow to change.
Became fixed for many brains

Where other stories were found
They were driven out of town

Watchful and Afraid They began to control
When Skin could Touch Skin
What Hearts could feel
What Brains could think
What Ears could hear
 What Eyes could see

Only Noses and Tongues were allowed to be free
(but as the Earth had started to smell and taste poo, some of them wished they could be stopped too).

It was getting bad, but about to get worse.
 Like Magpies, some Eyes, caught sight of Shiny parts of Earth.

The Shiny parts mirrored the Suns Loving Light
 They forgot the Earths Beauty and used all of their might,

to loot, hoard and collect.
Upping the Senses dis-connect.
 (Like animals, who's limbs had gone to sleep. Chewing on their own arms without knowing the self harm)

As the Brains fought for story and resource
In order to win the war, the highest ground they sought So to the Moon they sent the Eye-Stronaughts

But when the Eye-stronaughts looked back from the Moons loving face
They saw the Earth as she was- fragile, tiny, beautiful in the vast void of space.

On their return they had a new story to tell.
Of how Earth was a garden, in which they'd raised hell.

As the story spread The brains began to despair
With so much damage done- how could they start to repair?

But they connected all senses and swayed in tune.
To sing together with the Sun and the Moon.

They stopped to control, and tell how to live life.
Instead they looked, at how all could shine

It took many years and a whole lot of Love,
but Peace finally ruled when they remembered

They were One.