Thursday, April 2, 2015

Something I wrote in September 2013... I called it 'A scene from a conscious, heartfelt movie',,,

It's winter, a young woman walking in a park with a little boy who seems to be her son on a nice & warm morning. Together, they look like they are having a good time singing a silly funny song that they have probably made up themselves. 
A while later, on their way they bump into their old neighbor woman who is walking her newly adopted super cute puppy <3

-       Little boy: mommy look, a puppy!
Little puppy moves towards Little boy and starts to smell (sniff)... while little boy starts to pad little puppy...
-       Nice neighbor woman: "Oh look who's here!"
-       Mommy, with a smile: "Good morning Mrs. Baheya! What a nice coincidence!"
-       Little boy still padding little puppy, intuitively assuming it's a female pup, asks: "What's her name؟"
-       Mrs. Baheya (smiling): Sugar.
-       Boy: "like sugar-cane"!
Mommy & Mrs. Baheya start chatting while Littleboy gently plays with Sugar. After a few moments, they all decide to sit and rest on a bench, so they choose a nice and sunny spot. Mommy asks Little boy if he would like to have some water, while Mrs. Baheya takes a pot out of her bag & starts pouring water for Sugar to drink.
~ Puppy & Little boy drinking at the same time ~
-       Mrs. Baheya then takes 2 candy bars out of her pocket and offers one to little boy..
-       Little boy (who surprisingly doesn't seem to be so excited about the colorful candy bar/ still undecided whether he should accept the gift) asks in a very polite manner: "What's it made of؟"
-       Mrs. Baheya (who seems to be amused by the boy's question: "I don't know, but it's a very good one! It's my favorite, my son used to love it when he was your age!"
-       Little boy: "Thank you, but I can only eat food that is made out of food from nature... Like bananas..." he said, looking at a tree in the distance in front of him which happens to be a pomegranate tree, he continues "... and pomegranates! And mangoes! I love mangoes.." and he starts to mention the names of all his favorite fruits... & the list seems to be endless...
Mrs. Baheya, whose hand is now back in her pocket and her jaw slightly open, looks at Mommy in a way as if to say "well done!".
The scene ends with Little boy's voice in the background; faintly singing a song about all the food that he likes while mommy writes in her diary about her day:

"I wasn't going to be upset if he would have taken the candy bar... I'm just happy that he really got my last night's bedtime story... Very excited about tonight's!  <3".