Friday, July 26, 2013

Arts & Crafts for the Little Seeds Project ❦

Ramadan Lantern? :)
Tiny paper box Decoration with the Seed of Life pattern

Origami box for Mr. Clothespin! :)

Paper boats! :) it's been an addiction for a while :) I had to give them all as gifts :)
Paper boat, Sgraffito coloring technique with oil pastels, my favorite!

Mr. Clothespin, the Faery
Ms. Clothespin, the Faery
Leaf printing, first trial today :) Will go in a bit to collect many different shapes for more coolness! :)
Mr. Merman (play dough and Orange peel!)

Play dough, Mrs. Tortura the Sea Turtle :)
Collage, a Sacred Journey to the Heart of the Earth :)

Collage, CD cover art :)
DIY paper folder (open)
DIY paper folder (closed :)
 top part of the paper folder :)

Old jar painting, candle inside..
Or you can grow a sweet potato inside!

Painted Zar3a's pot (My baby :)
Rock Painting, in Sinai
Another rock painting in Sinai :)
Tie dye, tiny notebook! :)

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